Welcome to Horsepower 2 Heartbeat

Our goal is to reach a wider spectrum of people and provide opportunities for clients to receive services, especially the clients who can’t afford it.

H2H is providing a valuable and powerful service that improves the health and well-being of people. In fact, our clients report regular increase in motor skill abilities, ability to sleep better and improved communication.

We also focus on building sibling relationships using the horses, where a sibling is able to partake in activities alongside a client so that we don’t single out the handicapped. It builds confidence of the client to be able to ride a horse with their siblings and be able to drive their siblings in a cart around in the arena to contribute to a family event.

We realize that many handicapped people in the area are financially strapped and therefore cannot afford the sessions, not to mention the transportation costs, therefore we encourage you to fill out our Scholarship application to help with these costs.


About Us

Horsepower 2 Heartbeat (H2H) is a 501(c)3 not-for profit charity established in 2014.   We are an equestrian assisted healing center located in Highland, Wisconsin. Our goal is to bring people, especially those with physical, emotional or mental challenges, together with horses to help healing and develop confidence.


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Riding Whether you are looking for support following a riding accident, looking to become a better rider or wanting to find a way to bond with your child we can help, your at the right place!

Driving Have you ever dreamed of driving a team of horses?  Let our experienced mentors guide you to make it a reality.

Mind, Body and Soul Horses can teach humans a lot about how to treat one another and about body language.  Experience the thrill of bonding with and directing a horse through groundwork.

Groups and Scouts Experience group adventure!  Have fun learning horse care, riding and driving while fulfilling badge requirements, Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Badgerland approved facility.

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