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Our focus

We focus on building sibling relationships using the horses, where a sibling is able to partake in activities alongside a client so that we don’t single out the handicapped. It builds confidence of the client to be able to ride a horse with their siblings and be able to drive their siblings in a cart around in the arena to contribute to a family event.

John Adametz-President

He is a Natural Horseman and two-time World Champion Horse Logger. John has been head horseman of the Circus World Museum in Baraboo and was nominated as Horseperson of the Year in 2012 by the Wisconsin Horse Counsel. He currently is the owner and operator of AtoZ Percherons Logging and Farrier Services - a full service horse care specializing in clinics, farrier work, logging, specialty rides and more. Working with John is like channeling knowledge straight from the past. His dedication to authentic practices and vast expertise make him a veritable encyclopedia of horsecare. As his mother used to say, “In another life, John must have been a horse. He just has that instinctive knowledge of horses.”

Meet the Board

Our goal is to bring people, especially those with physical, emotional or mental challenges, together with horses to help healing and develop confidence.


John Adametz

Founder & CEO


Carolyn Adametz



Barb Soltis



Anne Adametz

Board Member


Wayne Schutte

Board Member